Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today I had Anthony Delmont corner me in my own home. I have no idea how he even found out where I lived, but I'm definitely angry! He even had the nerve to punch me-again- and laugh about it!

But he had sort of a good idea. He and Cathy sat me down and told me everything about what they'd been through, what happened when they were kids, and what exactly this "Slenderman" thing is. They didn't want to, but they said it was for the best because their child, Cynthia Delmont, seems to have taken an interest in me. I'm unsure of what an eleven year old could do but apparently it's something bad.

The two proposed a team up with me to get Cynthia back and protect me at the same time. I told them no officer of the law needed a citizen to do their job, but Anthony simply scoffed and rolled his eye and then called me, and I quote, "A little wimp who needs to crawl back to his Momma when things get tough because he can't even take a goddamn hit like a man."

I hate Anthony Delmont so much.

I agreed to the team up. I have more areas that I can get to that they couldn't to help find Cynthia and they have more knowledge on this monster to protect me. I feel like I'm only getting deeper into this trouble but I can't think of anything else to do!


  1. Oh gee thanks, that's very encouraging! Excuse me for not believing something as unreal as this exists and doing my job!