Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anthony you want to know why I hate you? Why I want you to die? The answers are quite simple and I think you already know what I'm going to say, honey.

You left me with my baby in my arms as soon as she was born. I never got one call, one e-mail, one anything from you for the next eleven years and had to raise my daughter by myself seeing as I don't have any parents to call my own since mine are dead. I lost the job I had that I loved because I couldn't raise a child and do it at the same time. I then began a long downward spiral of trying to get a job and either not obtaining the position or getting fired. But then again not being able to hold a job is my own incompetence, right?

Then you came back into my life as soon as I was about to get my daughter back. We could have been happy together, Anthony. I was going to be with her and him. And then when I try to help you get my daughter, I ended up in a situation even worse before. I didn't sleep, I hardly ate, I was plagued by horrible nightmares when I did, I woke up places that weren't where I fell asleep. I was essentially miserable and stuck with a husband who I didn't need anymore. I tried to leave you, found a woman better than you'll ever be and I had to leave her anyway.

And then in the end, when all of this is done and I think we're going to finally get my daughter back and maybe I have a chance to be happy, we fight with Redlight and not only do I get tazered, I lose one of my arms saving you and Simon because you're the most useless two men I've ever met in my life. Elijah was better than you were, Anthony. I wish he hadn't been killed, I wish it had been you.

When we were on the run after that, my arm burned shut by the very being that you said just wanted to kill us, I realized maybe he didn't want me dead. Maybe he just wanted you dead because you're such a nuisance, a cockroach that won't die even when every single being wants it to just DIE ALREADY. 

So I went with him because he cares about me and my daughter. And he'll continue to take care of us as long as we continue to serve him. I will do that and I will kill you because you're a large thorn in my side that needs to just go away once and for all.

That, Anthony, is why I want you dead.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Now why would I do that?

This is my baby, I'm not going to kill it. Some people are here are very strange...besides, I hardly think Tony would be happy if I murdered our child, don't you think?