Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anthony you want to know why I hate you? Why I want you to die? The answers are quite simple and I think you already know what I'm going to say, honey.

You left me with my baby in my arms as soon as she was born. I never got one call, one e-mail, one anything from you for the next eleven years and had to raise my daughter by myself seeing as I don't have any parents to call my own since mine are dead. I lost the job I had that I loved because I couldn't raise a child and do it at the same time. I then began a long downward spiral of trying to get a job and either not obtaining the position or getting fired. But then again not being able to hold a job is my own incompetence, right?

Then you came back into my life as soon as I was about to get my daughter back. We could have been happy together, Anthony. I was going to be with her and him. And then when I try to help you get my daughter, I ended up in a situation even worse before. I didn't sleep, I hardly ate, I was plagued by horrible nightmares when I did, I woke up places that weren't where I fell asleep. I was essentially miserable and stuck with a husband who I didn't need anymore. I tried to leave you, found a woman better than you'll ever be and I had to leave her anyway.

And then in the end, when all of this is done and I think we're going to finally get my daughter back and maybe I have a chance to be happy, we fight with Redlight and not only do I get tazered, I lose one of my arms saving you and Simon because you're the most useless two men I've ever met in my life. Elijah was better than you were, Anthony. I wish he hadn't been killed, I wish it had been you.

When we were on the run after that, my arm burned shut by the very being that you said just wanted to kill us, I realized maybe he didn't want me dead. Maybe he just wanted you dead because you're such a nuisance, a cockroach that won't die even when every single being wants it to just DIE ALREADY. 

So I went with him because he cares about me and my daughter. And he'll continue to take care of us as long as we continue to serve him. I will do that and I will kill you because you're a large thorn in my side that needs to just go away once and for all.

That, Anthony, is why I want you dead.


  1. Well /sweetheart/ don't sugercoat it for me. I get it, you want my guts for garters, but I'd like to see how much you can do with one arm and a baby on the way. And speaking of the kid you better be taking care of yourself. If that really is my baby...well, I'm just gonna have to take it away from you. Especially if this is how you're gonna act from now on.

  2. Cathy, all of this is pretty understandable, but is this how you've always felt? It just seems a little odd that you're only mentioning this now. How far along are you? Do you think a chemical imbalance might be a factor here?

    Not to mention that a lot of what you're assuming based on past behavior is simply untrue. (Pardon my intrusion, Tony, but this needs to be said.) If Tony were the abandoning type, why isn't he ignoring you now? Why would he going to the discomfort of talking to someone so emotionally overwrought as to wish for his death if he doesn't care?