Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dead people always strike me as the most laughable things. People are always filled with such grace when they're alive. They have their own sort of fluidity and then they die and crumple to become a lifeless doll. It also doesn't help that when a person moves on their bowels decide to relieve themselves of any troublesome business. Then the maggots move in, the flesh decays and the intestines rot. It's not a pretty process, but the skeleton underneath is beautiful enough to keep at times. Or maybe it's humorous enough to keep.

I won't bother to dig Catherine up. She's done her job and she earned her rest. Though when Anthony dies I will be the first to peel off his skin, strip him of his muscles and throw away those pesky organs to keep his skeleton with me. Perhaps I'll take that damned coppers as well. String him up while he bleeds out and then remove his bones. Whatever the case that motley little crew is not my problem for a while. I have more business to attend to since the Delmonts have completed their purpose in the scheme of things. One day I will return to them, but not now.

And as for the lot of you that read this blog and perhaps hope that Catherine is still alive, I'm sorry to say I paid my respects this morning. I do hope we'll all talk again.