Monday, April 4, 2011

The Delmont Family

It was an...interesting reunion. The drive took a while mainly because we had to take quite a few stops due to Tony developing horrible headaches- one case even becoming a migraine. But we finally made it, and let me tell you, the few seconds waiting on the doorstep after knocking the door were the most nerve wracking I've experienced in a while. When Tony's parents finally opened the door, the four of us honestly just stood there for a few seconds taking each other in. I know Tony and I look worse for wear, what with the huge circles under our eyes, unhealthy skin color, dirty clothes, and injuries.

Tony just said, "Mom, Dad, I'm home." And his voice cracked and that was about when everyone burst into tears. Mommy Delmont was more or less sobbing as she had not heard from him in years and I swear I even saw his Father tearing up as well.

Tony and I could only tell them so much. If they knew the whole truth, he would be able to come and find them, something we both agree we don't want to happen. They asked me how I was doing, how I found Tony, if I had managed to hear anything on Cynthia...

We both managed to make a lie during the questioning. We more or less said that it had been pure coincidence meeting up- we found each other at my old school during my "soul searching"- and had decided to look for Cynthia together. His parents thought that was wonderful that I had forgiven him. I don't think that they have any idea that I'm in a relationship with a woman. (Which, by the way Thage, I miss you so much right now...)

We're currently staying with them, but I don't think we'll reside here for long. We're going to try looking around and see if we can find anything in the area. After all, one of his proxies was able to find me back at the beginning when all of this had just started. We're going to check out the park and areas where children are usually at in hopes of even getting a glimpse.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. I agree, don't stay there too long. It may endanger them, whether from Him or one of his proxies. As for the park areas, as I always say, make sure you carry some form of protection with you. Perhaps, if you make it out to my area sometime, I can offer you and Tony a few of my weapons. I am currently getting more for my stock, so I'm sure I can loan out a few to you two.

    Be safe.

  2. Hope for the best expect the worst hon. If you're lucky you'll be able to take a few days rest, but if not at least you're prepared for it.

  3. To Lucien- We went today, not much happened, so I don't think I'll make a post. But I will update if anything happens. I think we'll be okay with what we have for now, weapon-wise. Tony is very good at improvising with random objects, so I trust him to know what to do if the time ever comes that we need to defend ourselves. And I, of course, still have my trusty brick and pepper spray.

    To Kay- Yes, that is what I believe these days. I'm prepared to leave at a moments notice, but hopefully it won't come to that.