Thursday, February 9, 2012

His name is the Caretaker and like the name suggests he takes care of me. You can't just leave a pregnant woman alone after all and He makes sure that the Caretaker keeps me healthy. I know some of you have said that what I'm eating isn't healthy, but he assures me that it's perfectly fine for the child. Thank you for the concern, but I'm fine.

Seeing as I'm finding it harder to move around as easily too, he's been helping me with watching my family. He does a stupendous job of it--I believe Anthony got a little scared at his pictures? That was just a harmless joke so I don't see why he should make such a huge deal out of it. The real trouble is going to come later but the Caretaker doesn't want me to strain myself right now.

The nightmares have lessened as I eat more meat, so hopefully this means that the baby is calming down. I hope it's a girl, Tony. Because then when she's old enough He'll come for you and you won't be able to escape again.


  1. Just because this "Caretaker" says the diet you are on is "good for the baby," does not mean that it is good for you. How do you know that they are not trying to make you as sick as possible so that when you give birth, the child lives but you die? Afterall, you were a threat to Him before; He may still be afraid you can become a threat again.

    -The Count

  2. ....are you aware you are sounding more than a little evil?

  3. The 'Count' guy is right, you have to keep yourself healthy to take care of your kid when he/she's born.

    Also, I'm not really sure that plotting the father's demise is the best way to spend your pregnancy. I mean, I can understand the impulse with how awful pregnancy can be, but still.

    Whatever the fuck is going on here doesn't seem healthy for you, or a healthy environment for a child to be born into.

  4. Why exactly do the suited Dude need for to be agirl---?

    I have thoughts. Cathy, you really must not put such awful htings into my head, HE will not be pleased and Riddles will be punished again. The Horror Horror