Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am not quite sure why you bloggers are being so rude, but I suppose I can blame it all on your delusions, hallucinations and the "roleplaying" that you all do. Cathy Delmont seemed to have suffered under the same mental illnesses and that's precisely why she is under custody at this moment in time. If we are able to prove her guilty then we can lock a murderous wife and parent up for a very long time, so I suggest you cooperate!

And as for questioning my status, I am actually a Uniform Policeman and I handle traffic in certain areas. I also get called in to help with certain cases and a small group of us had been alerted of looking out for Mrs. Cathy Delmont. It was just my luck that I spotted her at the cafe the other day or she might have gotten away! My buddy (I am not allowed to mention other names on this blog according to my superiors) was in charge of the case and he trusted me to help him out even if no one else did. This woman had been missing for months after all and we were beginning to think she was dead as well!

As a final note, the police are in control of this blog and we can track your IP addresses, so I would watch my tone if I were you!

-Officer Simon Radler
Georgia State Police

P.S.- I am changing the settings to this blog because the red looks ugly and hurts my eyes.


  1. Good sir I don't believe you know what it is you're getting yourself into. Although you are doing a great service to my Father by detaining the lady Delmont. I would advise you halt any further investigation as I wouldn't want to drag such fine and up standing person such as yourself into this mess. No need to worry your little old head about Cathy. She'll be gone and out of your hair very soon I can promise you that.

  2. Tensor, let the nice man do his job. We love assisting the authorities, don't we Tensor?

  3. Oh yes how silly of me you're right Dr. Morningstar. Officer Radler both me, and Morningstar here would love to help the investigation in any way possible.

  4. Okay (X) and Dr. Morningstar, how exactly can you help me? Do you have any proof I could use? Because if not Cathy Delmont will be released tomorrow night from the building she is being held. The doctors can't find anything wrong with her! Apparently all she's done is sat in the corner of her room or eaten by herself- she hasn't even spoken unless she has to.

  5. You should check the home of her mother, and father in-law. There should be more than enough evidence there to lock her up good.

  6. ... Okay, don't listen to Tensor and Morningstar. Really.
    I think they think you're still playing.They're villains in our little game, and I think they're trying to stay in character.

    I apologize as well, it's sometimes hard to tell when the game ends. My rudeness was entirely uncalled for. But I'm wondering what exactly made you think Cathy had anything to do with her husband?


  7. We already talked to the mother and father-in-law, they said that she hadn't come by since those months ago when she stayed with them after her house burned down. Which is another thing she could potentially be accused of, but she has a solid alibi of being at the grocery store...

    Villains? What kind of a game are you people actually playing that makes real murder happen?! ...Well, if you're planning on being polite, I guess I can too. I can't tell you much because this is confidential information, but I can tell you that the women in her family, dating back for decades, have a bad habit of making their husbands mysteriously disappear or wind up dead. It only makes sense that she would do the same thing, right?

  8. ... That is the weakest motive I've heard in a long time. And I didn't mean that the game has anything to do with any disappearances.

    It's just a game. Anything else would be silly, right?

    Really not sure you are what you say you are. That is not enough of a motive for anyone to be held for anything, legally speaking. Without motive or evidence, you don't have any right to hold her.

  9. Logically speaking if there is a lack of evidence supporting her as the criminal then it should be obvious by now that she is a victim, and not a suspect. Following the same logic that means she has been running from the actual culprit. Are you sure that you can keep her safe in police custody?

  10. Okay. Seriously. Is there absolutely ANY shred of evidence pointing towards Cathy being the culprit of these crimes which ISN'T circumstantial? Is there a single thing you have which could stand up for even a moment in a court? Because so far, this entire case seems to be based on the fact that two of her family members have been claimed to be dead (which is really odd, as I just got back from reading one of their blogs), and that she went missing for some time.

    "...we can track your IP addresses, so I would watch my tone if I were you!"

    Really. Because now you're just asking someone to take court action against you. An officer of the law using threats to prevent us from using our first amendment rights? That'll go over well.

  11. Well obviously you have not read the files on what these women did. Honestly her mother was the first women in...well, many, /many/ years who did not have a husband end up dead and she alive. Instead they both died, which doesn't fit the pattern. If this was just a game then Anthony Delmont wouldn't be missing and two girls wouldn't be missing and/or dead. Games are meant to be kept to boards, Miss Elaine, not to real life.

    And as to (X) and Omega (what kind of names are these??) you're right. We can't keep her. We could only psychologically evaluate her for three days. She's going to be released sometime today and there's nothing we can do. But I know one thing- she's not getting back on this blog. All you people are crazy and for all I know you're murderers as well and this is some kind of crazy cult. There are too many signs in Cathy Delmont's previous generations to simply let her walk free without any suspicion.

    You all can hate me if you want but we're just trying to find the culprit to two, maybe three murders!

  12. You are a piss poor obviously corrupt cop and should be sued for harassment. Holding an innocent woman in custody on suspicion of what someone in a previous generation of her family might have done? What you are doing to Ms. Delmont is completely illegal. Has she been given a lawyer yet? If not, I want to know what precinct you are in that way I can send her one immediately.

    You sir will be amazingly lucky if she doesn't sue you, your precinct, and your county into oblivion. And personally I wonder what the media will have to say about this? You already made specific mention of Georgia, it shouldn't be too hard to track down which media outlet would be most likely to pick up this story and help run you into the ground.

  13. Awesome names. That's what kind of names they are.

    I would rant about the sheer idiocy of claiming that previous generations killed their husbands so OF COURSE the current one must have as well, but I think it speaks for itself.

  14. Have you ever been a policeman, Miss Kay? Can you tell me what every single rule and regulation of ours is? If not then I suggest you stop talking like you know all there is about us. It's not just me who is holding her, it is the entire force. We have jurisdiction over her because she lives in the area that we watch. We are able to take her in because we believe that she is a paranoid schizophrenic who /may/ have killed her husband, child, and another girl. If she were to stay longer than the average three days, this is when you could send in whatever lawyer you want.

    Basically, to make this clear for /everyone/ who seems to be having issues with reading, IF this evaluation indicated a need for further hospitalization, THEN a court order must be obtained.

    You can try and sue me all you want, Miss Kay, but I was just following orders from my superiors and doing my job. Excuse me for trying to find what could be a potential murderer of three people, two of them being children, one of them being her own daughter, and the last being her husband. Do you even have a job? Don't you know what kind of pressure is on you to follow orders? And bring in the media, I'm sure they would love to know about the potential psycho they have on their hands. Ever hear of Casey Anthony? We could potentially have someone like this in our area and we want to arrest whomever thinks it's alright to kill their loved ones.

    Omega, if you saw how far back this line of deaths carried, then you'd be speaking differently. When I say generations of husbands died, I mean /many/ years. They either have the most unfortunate luck, or then men in their houses like to die in the same circumstances.

  15. Also Miss Kay, it's amusing that you call me a "piss poor obviously corrupt cop and should be sued for harassment". I'm so sorry I did my job. It's good to know that the cops who follow orders are the corrupt ones!

  16. First of all, I have an aunt who is a police dispatcher. I ran your reasons of trying to pin a crime on her via her deceased family members past her and she has confirmed that you cannot legally use someone else's alleged crimes as reason to harass Ms. Delmont. If nothing you have already ruined your case becuase even a second rate lawyer will be able to get that tossed out of court. Second of all, what kind of an idiotic question is do I have a job? I obviously have a source of an income I would not be hiring her a lawyer. Third of all, Tony Delmont is alive. You trying to hold her on suspicion of his death as well as your utterly ridiculous reasons for trying to pin it on her would cause the media to have a field day with you.

    You held a woman on suspicion of what a deceased family member of hers might have done. Piss poor does not even begin to describe you. I personally will not be suing you Mr. Radler, but if Ms. Delmont wishes to, I will make sure that she has the best lawyer possible, especially when you are claiming her husband is one of the people she murdered. You are a joke. And if Ms. Delmont wishes to sue you and your precinct for your utterly unprofessional behavior, I will make sure she has the best lawyer possible to do it.

    Also I noticed how you ignored my request for your precinct so that I can hire Ms. Delmont a lawyer. I do hope you are not going to attempt to deny her to right to an attorney on top of everything else.

  17. "As a final note, the police are in control of this blog and we can track your IP addresses, so I would watch my tone if I were you!"


    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  18. Kay. I'm seriously giving you a hug next time I see you. That was awesome.

  19. Kay said it better than I could. But I'd like to add that if your orders are illegal and unjust, then yes, you are a corrupt cop.
    And considering we know pretty solidly that Tony's alive, what evidence do you have that he's even dead?

  20. Considering job everyone else did chewing you out I feel better for not posting the comment I had previously written up. It would have broken the flow of the game and would have been entirely outside of my current characters personality. . . That said I'll going back into character starting now.

    P.S. You all just lost the game.

  21. Wait, how could Cathy be accused of kidnapping a child that she has custody of? And there is evidence that both Tony and Cynthia are alive, so why not investigate into that? And you can't keep her from writing in her blog, that's illegal.


  22. Okay I am going to spell this out for all of you who seem to be mistaking my words over and over in hopes that this time you will actually read them correctly.

    We TOOK HER INTO CUSTODY because of her husband's disappearance, her daughter's disappearance, and the potential murder of both plus another child. Cathy Delmont has also been missing for several months, last seen with Anthony Delmont's parents- does this not strike you as suspicious? Not only this but we had cause to believe, and still do, that she is mentally unstable from a look into her records. Her mother and father were killed in front of her, her grandmother was crazy and rambled about tall men and monsters, she was a foster child who was shifted from house to house, and she has criminal record of acting up at times as well.

    I'm sorry, but the police do have cause to take someone into custody and observe their mental state for the limit of three days-something that we did! No, the doctor's could not find anything to hold her back, at which point Miss Kay you could have sued for all you're worth and hired every lawyer that makes you feel content. Yes, this does mean she was released today.

    As for saying Anthony Delmont is alive, what proof do you have? This man has been missing for eleven years, so tell me, how is it that you came by this information? What connection exactly do you have with this odd little family? Are you related? A close friend? I do not care if you answer either way because at this point you are becoming more of a nuisance in this investigative case and I will ask you to read my words carefully several times.

    Cathy Delmont's previous generations was not what made us take her into custody, but it does strike us, as in the force, as odd. When we see such an odd pattern we look into it and we have found some details that had been overlooked before. No, it does not mean we can just walk up and arrest her! I am of the Savannah precinct, but you won't need a lawyer now. She's gone from our hands, though we will be monitoring this blog. You people have apparently made her believe some insane notions!

    The Messenger, that is very funny, I'm sure.

    Elaine, when someone is missing for eleven years without any kind of footage, phone call, or anything for that matter he's either left the country, wound up dead somewhere we can't find him, or he's very, very good at evading the police.

    I don't understand why you people keep saying they're alive, you act like you know for certain that they are. Do you have actual proof? If you do, feel free to point it out at this moment in time.