Friday, July 15, 2011

This blog is now under the observation of Georgia State Law. Cathy Delmont has been taken into custody for the alleged murder of her husband, Anthony Delmont, the kidnapping of her child, Cynthia Delmont, and kidnapping and alleged murder of Rachel Hendrickson. This blog will be used as evidence while she is being evaluated for commitment.

If any of you "bloggers" know the whereabouts of her child or husband, contact the nearest police station! This is Officer Simon Radler, you can refer them to me or any of my superiors. Every bit of information you can provide can help us find this little girl!!

Even though the rest of you sound just as crazy as she is with your brainwashed delusions, we still need all the help we can get to solve this heinous crime!

-Officer Simon Radler
Georgia State Police


  1. Nice try. But no police officer under the age of forty would ever ACTUALLY use the word "heinous." And your average officer wouldn't be assigned in an investigative role. That's what detectives do.

    Who are you really?

  2. Go to hell. Whoever you are.


  3. I think there is more to Radler's story then what he is letting on. Maybe I may need to make a visit down there soon.