Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yesterday I went and payed Miss Kay a visit over in New Jersey. It was extremely hot, a long drive, and I'm never going back there again! I can't tell any of you much simply because as a policeman it would be against my duty to betray my word and I promised her to keep things off the record...and because, let's face it, this is the internet and I don't trust the internet!

But...Miss Kay wasn't as mean to me as she decided to be in the comments, in fact she gave me a glass of ice tea and had a civilized conversation with me. She's a very small woman, I expected some sort of giant monkey lady, to be honest! I guess what I'm trying to say is that she persuaded me to believe that maybe- maybe- Cathy Delmont might not be the killer we, the force, believe she potentially is. But this is a work in progress, so we'll see.

As one last update I'll say this, we're giving back Cathy Delmont her blog, but it will be watched. So post at your own risk, Mrs. Delmont.

-Officer Simon Radler
Georgia State Police


  1. simon says simon says simon says

    would you like to play the game? c:

  2. Thank you oh so much for your kinda words, Hakurei Ryuu.

    Also, to Good Girl, what game are you talking about?

  3. the game to find the killer of course. that is what you wanna do, right?

    hehehehehe heh hehe

    but first you have to go through TRYOUTS

  4. Tryouts? What are you talking about??

  5. oh you'll see. pretty soon actually. just follow the instructions and we'll see how you do, okay?

    don't mess up, simon says



  6. Two things Mr. Radler. First being that I will strongly reiterate my advice to stay away from these blogs, especially Good Girl. Second, giant monkey lady? Really?

    @Good Girl You have more then enough playmates, don't you think?

  7. Miss Kay, it doesn't even matter because I cannot seem to access her blog. Every time I try all I see is a white screen so we don't have to worry about that! Secondly, you sounded really menacing in words, don't hold it against me...

    And to Good Girl, what instructions? What are you talking about??

  8. Radler, if you want menacing words, then listen to this. Don't you ever dare to insult my sister like that.

  9. Wow thing have been busy here since I've been gone. My advice to you Mr. Radler is two fold 1.)Keep believing this stuffs not real and 2.) Because I know your job will require you look more into this I suggest you start by reading the two blogs written by Zeke Strahm. As he was also a police officer that started looking into this thing I think it will at least serve as a cautionary tale in your case.

    Seeking Truth - This is his first blog I suggest you start reading there.
    The Mystic - This is his current blog.

  10. You're her brother? Well read correctly- something you people seem to have an issue with- I said she DIDN'T look like that! Besides, she was scarier than you.

    Mr. Will, thank you for your cooperation, I will try looking into this other blog and I hope it will help with this case. I'm starting to think all of you are connected and if that's the case, what exactly connects you all? This is all very confusing and making our job hard.

  11. simon says i think you should take a look at the place where you keep all your mail.

    and kay this one is fun. this one is better.

  12. Will why would you do that? Do you want him to get hurt? What is wrong with you? Stop spreading the infection!

  13. Look Kay there is nothing wrong with me. He is already infected. All we can do now is give him the information he will need to stay alive. Good Girl is already involved with this so I have a feeling a shit storm is about to begin on his end.

  14. I'm so sorry Mr Radler your life is about to become a lot more complicated. I don't know how much we'll be of help to you. The only thing I know now is that Mrs. Delmont has decided to leave this blog in your care. Whether or not you decide to post again I wish you good luck please stay safe, and if possible try not to go down to far this rabbit hole.