Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't understand what the hell was that thing?! I followed the directions like that good girl said- she got it to my email, how in the world did she find my email- and I went to the graveyard to see if it would be an actual lead. It was a lead but it wasn't the lead I wanted, I don't understand what is going on anymore- FUCK!!

The graveyard, Cathy Delmont and Anthony Delmont were there- how the hell is that man alive?! I have a picture of him back when he was younger but it was still him, it looked just like him and different from him at the same time! That bastard knocked me out! He assaulted an officer- that's against the law!! And Cynthia Delmont is alive too?!!

She was CRAZY and kept smiling at me and telling me that I had to play the game now- what game?! It got worse though- this family of INSANE PEOPLE apparently has friends because some man named Elijah was there and he kept talking like he knew everything about Cathy Delmont, Anthony Delmont, and me. And, oh my god, Anthony Delmont isn't even Cynthia's father???

What is going on anymore???????

And there was....this thing. It was just suddenly there and- it wasn't normal! I think I may have hallucinated or something because something like that couldn't exist, right? It was so tall and stick thin and it didn't have a face...

The other man was murdered at the graveyard. An hour ago I managed to go back to the site and he was no where to be found. Cynthia Delmont is missing still. Cathy Delmont seems to be innocent, Anthony Delmont is apparently alive, and there is some...thing out there. I don't know what to think anymore. I just want to take some medicine for my headache and pretend this never happened.


  1. simon says you're a part of the game now. Daddy wants you to play with us.

    by the way simon says, have you told anyone why you're so interested in our family? hehehe i'll tell mommy you said hi, right?

  2. Welcome to the crazy club. You'll get used to it all. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. Not really.

  3. Hehe, the secret's out? Hm... this isn't gonna end well for you... Focus on the Delmonts. Or on nothing at all.

  4. All you can do now is read the blogs and learn from the mistakes of others. Some of us did try to stop you. I'm sorry that you have been dragged into this mess. If possible try not to drag in anybody else into this the results will be disastrous if you do.

  5. Mr. Radler...maybe we should talk again.

    I am so so sorry.

  6. Hi, I'm sorry that you've been dragged into this. There's not much more to say that the others haven't said already.

    I will say that the best thing you can do in this situation is do your best to hold on to your sanity, even if it means accepting the insane as truth. But always try to remember who you are.

    Not very productive advice, I know, but it's helped me in the past.