Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I just received one. The return address...I couldn't see it. Before I get to that, Ava, you have my daughter, correct? I believe I read everything right and that she is currently still under his control? Apparently some proxy, or even that thing himself, has been killing people because you have her.

The e-mail I got only a few minutes ago-it told me everything. I know what apparently the forth victim said, maybe in shorter words, I don't care. The little boy is younger than Cynthia and he wasn't even involved but because of me

I can either choose to give my daughter back to it or send an innocent in. I think I know how you felt now, Ava. Choosing between Reach and another. God I wish I had a plan right now. I wish I could talk to Tony, but I think I read that he's currently racing to get to you two. Surprisingly, I don't feel scared, or anything like that. I'm calm.

You all need to find Robert. He's priority in all of this because he can help people. So everyone should divert their attention to that detail above everything else. I'm going to give Cynthia back to him. The boy should not be harmed because he shouldn't be mixed up in all of this. Haha, you made a hard decision that night in the forest, didn't you, Tony? I get it now. I'm sorry for getting so angry at you. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

I'll get her back. I'll get her back myself. From Redlight, from any minion, from the boss himself. But I'm growing up, I think. Which sounds stupid because soon I'll have a full head of grey hair. But I mean it. I'm learning from all of you. And that's why I can give her back and promise her that one day I'll be the one taking her away from whomever it is.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. I am so sorry Cathy. You're with Thage now, right? I can't stand the thought of you being by yourself with just having made that decision.

  2. Dearest Empress, the Hanged Man hopes you know what you're doing. Not that I distrust you or your beliefs, but only that both It and the Moon work in, yes, mysterious ways - and tricky ones. I doubt it will end the way we all hope it will, but please, stay safe yourself. Take care of yourself, as well, and don't fear for the Emperor - he is, very likely, going to be rescued. It is good that Temperance is with you. I agree with the Magician in that being by yourself right now would be like jumping off Olympus Mons into a pool of alien lava.

  3. I kind of believe that this is the right choice in this "deal". I mean, He's played too low. You don't fuck with kids. That's where I draw the line. We'll try to help, all of us, you know that.

    Friend, NAPPA, Therapist

  4. I agree. That enough you bastard?

  5. Tony. Where are you.

    How do we do this?

    Are you sure?

  6. I'm coming up now. can't type properly. be ready to run as soon as I get to you.

  7. You shouldn't give her back. Don't give her back. How do we know if any thing posted on that blog is the truth? For all we know you could be playing right into there hands. It could just be one person writing those messages the style of writing certainly hasn't changed from person to person. I feel that this is a trick. Keep Cynthia don't let them make you sacrifice her because that's exactly what they want.

  8. Will, don't you think the writing style is similar because they're being controlled by the same person? Your possibility is likely, but I don't think we can take the risk.

  9. I don't think we should take the risk of giving Cynthia back. We know her and her family we don't know anything about the "Innocent" victims including whether or not they are actually victims. Keep Cynthia because you don't know when or if you'll get a second chance to get her back. Don't be fooled by a proxy.

  10. The writing style is the same because the typists are not the actual authors. He is.

  11. I have no idea if it's the same person, different people, one person pretending to be four people. All I know is that there might be an innocent little boy who could've died if I had not agreed to give her back. And I know that I'll be kicking some butt soon enough once I find her again. I'm currently reading up as much as I can on this monster so that I won't be helpless next time.

  12. Cathy. You came into this a little late, so you've missed some of Robert's most crucial messages; I'm sure some of the others could get you up to date, if you haven't already found logs. But we know one or two things that can be useful.

    Fire Extinguishers; I don't know what chemical specifically was in the one he used on Slenderman, but I know he didn't respond well to it AT ALL. If you can find one, put it in your car. Hide it somewhere you can get to it quickly. It might at least slow him down.

    I haven't told anyone yet, but...cassettes. You're an old lady, so I'm sure you can find some. It's mostly just an idea so far, but we can hope this works. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure they run on magnetic tape. And Ava proved he fucks up magnets something fierce. It'll at least give you a few seconds, if it works. That may be all you need.

    I think you already have Tazers, but can you find a flare of some sort? The fire extinguisher would be nice if He's after you, but we can't even be sure if there will be revenants. I imagine their supersenses won't much like a flash like that.

    Be safe, you two. We don't need ANOTHER sadistic choice between one of you two and Robert. I have faith in you. You haven't given in yet.

    Tomorrow's forecast- Dark and gloomy, with highs in the lower 30s. About a 30% chance we'll lose two more...

  13. Thank you for all the tips. When I'm on the move again I'll try and look for some of these to put in my car. One thing: "old lady"? Huh, maybe you shouldn't say things like that, it's rather impolite. I'm only thirty five, you know.

    We'll take care of ourselves, so you all better take care of yourselves.

  14. Hey, I never said you weren't cool. I just so happen to be at that age where 30 seems over the hill. I know it's not true, but I never miss a chance to get under someone's skin. Just ask Spender.

  15. Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was younger thirty seemed ancient. Now I'm thirty five and trying to convince myself forty won't be that bad.

  16. Fourty won't be that bad. My Mother's 46...if she's still alive. AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY.


    Not just MAGNETS.

    ¬_________¬ Honestly, people don't do their research sometimes.

    I'm sorry, Cathy. For everything. I hated to lose the child. Your child.

  17. This makes me feel better! I believe she's alive, Ava. And you have to believe too.

    That did sound strange to me. I was wondering how throwing a magnet at him would do anything.

    Ava don't blame yourself. Tony and I made the decision, it's not your fault. If anything this is his fault for taking her and causing all of this to happen. We'll get her back and she'll be okay. She's a strong kid. Besides, she's not your responsibility. She's ours and honestly we're not doing an amazing job.

  18. I said nothing about THROWING magnets to hurt him, Ava. I only have so much to go off of; whatever he did to those videos everyone's been cranking out, I'm not sure if he CHOOSES to do it or not. At the very least, it does nothing. If it works, I'll get treated to an earful of mind-scrambling static before he rips me to shreds. I think I'd take that over the uncertainty.

    I simply have to apologize for not going to whatever fucked up university taught you to...do THAT to a being of pure malice and tentacle. All my research shows is that some electronic equipment goes wild when he's nearby, and this seems as good as any other attempt.

    Besides, it's not like some of your Theories didn't fail. Ever get a chance to try that Mosque Theory out? I don't recall anything about that.

  19. I would really rather you not start a fight on my blog, bravethestorm. This is not the time, nor the place to attack others- especially comrades.