Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm okay

I'm sorry to make you all panic you guys. Everything was fine until I started hearing laughing children- obviously I was scared but when I kept trying to type the laughter turned into this high pitched squeal, almost like a siren. It was so loud and before I knew it, my ears and nose were gushing blood and I was barely able to post before I slid out of my chair and collapsed on the ground. Everything after that goes black. I honestly just woke up about a half an hour ago to clean my face up. I looked like a walking crime scene and I'm unsure how I'm going to get the bloodstains out of the carpet.

But I have important news: I remember.

I don't know why he made me suddenly recall everything that happened, but for some reason he did. My parents were killed by him while we were at the park during my seventh birthday. We were playing frisbee and my mom threw it too far and caused dad to go search in the woods for it. A few moments later she followed to give him a hand and told me to wait where I was. After about an hour of sitting there in the hot sun and wondering where they were, I finally went to check. I wandered around in the woods for hours, growing more and more lost every second that passed by. It wasn't too long before the sun began to go down. And it wasn't until after that I found them hung from trees, stomachs ripped open and organs pooling out.

I stumbled on them because I slipped in their pool of blood that had formed underneath their bodies. The smell...I can remember it now. It made me throw up everything in the little hotel toilet. And you know what? They were holding hands, the bodies I mean. The two of them went out together, which is at least a small condolence to the pain they must have felt.

I don't know why he attacked them. I remember myself going into shock, walking mechanically back to the parking lot in time for a small family to spot me and the mother to promptly start screaming when I walked into the light. I know he was behind me. I can almost feel him now, watching from the cover of the trees where my parents hung dead from the branches. Everything is so vivid in my mind, like it happened only yesterday. I suppose that's an effect from a faceless monster ripping my mind apart to drag the memories from the recesses of my brain.

Why did he do that?

Whatever the case I know that I never had contact with him until that night. After that I never saw him again. My parents must have somehow been connected as well, but to what extent, I have no idea.

The point in all of this is that tomorrow I'm going to look for that clue. By all means I should be a blubbering mess, and for a little while I was. I had huddled up on the bathroom floor in my blood and puke and simply cried for who knows how long. But crying doesn't solve anything. That thing that took my parents has my daughter. Everything is very clear right now. I'm not backing down. Sure I'll bleed and bruise, yes my bones can break, I may even choke and drown on my own vomit, but he's not going to rob me of my will to fight.

That son of a bitch took my parents, my daughter, and from what I'm finally suspecting, he's going to try and take my husband too, asshole that he was. There's no other person that that third stick figure could be because I still love him despite his cheating on me. So I'm going to find this clue and then find him. And if Slenderman gets in my way, well, he's going to get an earful.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. Be careful.

    Also, give him hell.


  2. Keep alert, be safe and good luck, Cathy. I'd hate to see you die.

  3. Make it count, Cathy.

    Stay safe.


  4. Glad you're not hurt, I was getting scared for a while.

    Cathy a few posts ago, one of Cynthia's comments said something about they will die alone. Not he. So even though there's only one other person in the picture, there's at least one other person in danger. What about your in laws? Do you care enough about them that they might be getting dragged into this mess?

  5. See what I mean? Slendy is a DICK. There was no reason for him to hurt your parents, you, or Cynthia. You guys didn't know too much, or antagonize him purposefully, he's just, ah screw it.

    Be safe, Ms. Delmont.

  6. Bloodstains- I've found a very, very small dose of bleach can help with most carpeting, but I'd recommend asking someone more versed in the world of carpeting about this before taking that advice.

    The memories- It's another method to try to break you. If he can do something, he will. That's how the Black King operates.

  7. count them: one two three people

    first comes little girl eyes wide eyes open eyes closed

    second comes the Mommy fists raised smile gone eyes seeing

    third comes the Daddy happysadbad family together again not for long

    onetwothree you're so smart, Mommy. uncle is proud, He is proud, i am proud. soonsoonsoontoday You will find me.


  8. Ah, another great family reunion.

    Here I was suspecting you where the poisoner Cathy.

    But Cynthia knows best, and she wants her mommy.

    Want Cynthia wants Cynthia gets.

  9. Cynthia posted a comment and says you are right, it's your ex husband. She says that you'll find her soon/today and that uncle is proud of you.

    I have the worst feeling for you, this is such a bloody obvious trap!