Friday, February 18, 2011


I've never even thought of trying it, but Thage suggested that we do give it a whirl to see if it could unwind some of the stress that's been building up. I guess the reason she suggested it is because I haven't been sleeping and I've been trying to read all these books on him and learn some fencing for defense so I'm not totally helpless. We'll see if this works. I trust Thage, so hopefully it'll turn out well. Wish me luck.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. Interesting idea, let us know how it goes.

  2. More medieval ways of fighting have been definitely shown to work well; and anyway, swords never run out of ammunition. Good luck, Empress.

  3. I believe this is excellent therapy and I applaud Thage for her knowledge. Hypnotism always seems to be the best when it comes to unlocking certain sides of yourself that needs to be discovered and addressed. I'm sure this will be an enlightening experience for you. :]

    Good luck, and keep holding on. <3

  4. i forsee bad shit arising from this... be careful while doing it... please?

  5. Just an update: considering how stressed and exhausted she is, I've put in a suggestion to sleep until she's refreshed and recharged, so there will be some radio silence for a time. If it goes on longer than twenty-four hours I'll wake her up myself.