Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Made it

I finally arrived at the town. I'm staying at a motel at the moment that has internet and feeling generally exhausted, though driving for long periods of time always does this to me. I made it over here without any hitch, and haven't seen or met any odd people or extremely tall business men.

I guess I'll handle responses now.
To NOOC- I guess you could say that. That's how most of you are too, if you think about it. Nothing gets done if you don't risk even a little bit. The good news is I'm not next the school more near it, it's about fifteen minutes away.

To Will- I know. Most people in this seem to have been involved with this longer than me. But I want to try and handle my problems alone for now. I might take you up on this offer later if I'm ever in trouble.

To Lucien- Thank you for the support. I know I have others that are perfectly willing to help if I ever need it, but for now I'm trying this on my own. Hopefully I won't have that much trouble.

To Kaiju- Thank you. I'll be sure to notify everyone if anything happens.

In conclusion, tomorrow I will be visiting the school in the afternoon when it lets out. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be looking for, but I'm going to tell them that I'm thinking of potentially enrolling my child in it. That should buy me enough time to at least look somewhat thoroughly and have access to most of the school. It's not a fool proof plan but it's all I have right now.
Any suggestions on what weapons to bring? I obviously can't bring a baseball bat, but I'm definitely putting the pepper spay in my purse. If there are any suggestions, I may be able to go out and get something tonight.

Thank you for all the support. It really does mean so much to me that everyone seems to want to help.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. Something simple and concealable should be with you, like a small knife or something, or even a rock for now. With enough force, any proxy will go down with a rock to the skull.


  2. I agree with Lucien, be prepared.

  3. Small things off the top of my head:

    Bobby pins in your hair with the plastic safety tips pulled off. Very effective if you can stab someone in the eye.

    Roll of quarters if you know how to punch. Should fit easily into a closed fist.

    Set of keys. Hold them with the pointed end sticking out towards other people. Aim for the eyes or the throat.

    A pair of sharp high heels that easily kicked off. If someone grabs you from behind, a good stamp into their instep or ankle with the pointed end of a stiletto should do enough damage for you to start running, but only use this option if you are 100% sure they will come off within five seconds or you’ll lose the time gained from the damage done.

    Good luck.

  4. To Lucien- Okay, I'll try and keep something sharp handy or a small blunt object.

    To Kay- These are all very good suggestions. I don't really think I'll be wearing heels, but the bobby pins, quarters and keys I can do. Thank you for all of the ideas!

  5. you know what i say? PAPER CLIPS!!! why? bend them the right way and BAM! you have some makeshift brass knuckles!!!


    not sure if you can see it yet or not, but Good Girl just posted something that essentially says that something will happen that you are not expecting.

    For the sake of my sanity and your well-being, DONT FREAKING DIE.

    Stay Sane Stay Alive

  7. Wait...I don't think this is going to be an attack you trap.

    I mean, they could've tried to kidnap you back at the house.

    I think there's going to be something there that's going to shock you psychologically, Cathy. Whatever you do, stay strong and don't listen to Cynthia if she's there.

    Still, bring the weapons. Just in case.

  8. Be careful, be alert and be suspicious of everyone.

    Do you have mace? Or something along those lines? ell, I think a lemon would work in a small space.

  9. Cathy said that there's going to be a big surprise for you.

    ALSO. Proceed with caution if fighting It. Do not attempt close combat. I have, and the result was no damage to It, and my best friend dying before my eyes.

    Good luck. And Stay alive.

  10. I agree with the above, Close Combat seems to get people severely hurt.