Thursday, January 20, 2011


I told Cynthia what I wrote last night. We had a "moment" and there were tears. Honestly I think we were both just stressed out and taking it out on each other, and I'm glad things are okay now. We ended up watching a movie together and eating a bunch of snacks instead of real food. Some cook I am, haha!

There was one thing that bothered me about a response Cynthia gave to my nagging and wanting to separate she and Rachel. "It's okay mom, you were right."

She wouldn't explain what she meant by that. Just brushed it off by saying that everything is fine and that Rachel was bad news, but she was trying to help her. Obviously I'm worried by this (what exactly is wrong with this girl?) but I've promised to back off and quit hanging over her shoulder, analyzing everything she does. I bet my parents were like that and I bet it drove me crazy. So I'm trying to respect her.

Well, despite my over-the-top worried ramblings, Cynthia went to school looking like the day was perfect, and so I have no reason to keep talking about this subject.

So let's change it!

I tried to contact one of my friends the other day, but it seems her phone number has changed. It's a bit of a bummer because I don't have any other way of talking to her and I don't have many people I can confide in. Oh well, I'll try some of the others later today, I think. I had lunch with my neighbor who I've been pretty good friends with since I moved into this area. She was in a bit of a hurry today though, so I had to leave rather quickly. Since then I've come home and cleaned the bathrooms (haha, oh the dreaded toilet!).

I wish there was something else for me to do, but at the moment it seems that most of the neighborhood is busy and no one really has time to spare. I hardly ever see the kids playing outside anymore either. Though, that may have to do with some children having gone missing over the past few weeks. It's scary to think that some kids can be snatched up right under their parents noses, isn't it? I know I'm too paranoid to loose Cynthia, but some parents take their eyes off of their kids for too long and then they're gone. It's horrible (which is an understatement).

Crime has always been pretty bad in the city I live though, so this isn't anything unusual. People here just learn to deal with it and move on. Most of the time a person can live a perfectly normal, happy life as long as they stay away from the shadier areas. (Which Cynthia and I do, thankfully)

Still waiting to hear back from jobs. I think this means I probably won't get anything.

Oh well. Today has been pretty average as most days go. I'll update if I hear back from anyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


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