Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cynthia's Diary

I already told Ava this in my comment section last post, but I'll repeat what I said. I decided to look in Cynthia's room to see if I could find anything that would help me know why she left or where she went. Up to this point I had avoided her bedroom and really going upstairs in general. I've been sleeping on the couch and just doing everything I could to stay downstairs. But she might have left me something to hint at what I could do, so I went to check.

Carefully examining every inch of her room for several hours payed off- there was a loose floorboard. I think she pried it up somehow to use it as a secret area for what I found: her diary. For the most part it was uneventful. Just normal life and the latest guy she had a crush on. It was...hard to read these parts because less than a week ago things had been normal. A little over halfway through it began to catch up to the date and the entries began to get darker. My suspicions were correct in assuming that Rachel had something to do with this. Apparently Rachel had been followed by this thing for a while and panicked and told Cynthia because she didn't want to deal with it alone anymore. She showed her everything she could- videos, blogs, forums. And because of her Cynthia became aware of the monster that lurks in the shadows.

The last five entries were the worst. I scanned her notebook so that you all could see, so let me see if I can get this working.

Cynthia...I think she believes that this thing is her father, or enough of a father figure that she can trust him. I know this is partially my fault and my husband's, but I had no idea she would become this obsessed with the idea.

And today I called Rachel's parents due to that last entry. Rachel had been missing for a few hours but her parents...they hadn't even noticed until they realized that no one was making them dinner. Yes, they were those kind of parents. The type who don't care about their kid at all unless they're doing what they tell them to do. Police might not have been able to find Cynthia, but they did find Rachel. Her body was recovered in the woods next to the school's field. It had been hung on a tree and her organs had been put in plastic baggies. When I found out...let's just say I was sick for a while.

My daughter is with that very thing that killed this girl so brutally. And I'm starting to think that Cynthia doesn't care that Rachel is dead.

I'm going to change the subject because this is too much to think about right now. The pictures- the first one looks like a bunch of lines, maybe ones? There's an eleven in the corner, so I guess that's what it could be. The second one...I think that's supposed to be Cynthia and I with that thing. I'm not sure who is lying there, but I hope that no one else is actually going to be killed. The third and fourth one have to do with this delusion that she believes. And the fifth...God, that poor girl.

I'm going to end this entry here. I know it may sound like I'm pretty much emotionless at this point, but I'm just trying to stay calm. In truth my nerves are shot and I feel like I'm constantly going to be sick, I'm so nervous. I've been keeping track of the neighbors and no one has ventured over to my house thus far. It does look like everyone has suddenly decided to take up gardening at angles where they can watch my house. Haven't seen him. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know.

I think that's it for now. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. Remember to brush your teeth and take showers and everything (let me be a mom, please. It helps with the anxiety.)



  1. I'm a good girl....

    Is that you, Cyndia?

    Of course it is.

    Ah! And you're following me too! I'm flattered.

    Are you up for a little direct internet contact?

  2. What are you talking about? No, I'm Cathy...

  3. my name is cynthia dumb ava. not /cyndia/. you should be flattered. He's letting me decide which ones i want dead. c:

    i'm doing this to follow Mommy so i'm with her wherever she goes.

  4. Cathy, can you see the Good Girl posts? Answer ASAP.

  5. What, what are you talking about? What Good Girl? What's going on?!

  6. God dammit! What's going on?! I don't understand what everyone is talking about! Do you see Cynthia?!

  7. Cathy, calm down, Cynthia is commenting here. But the... thing she's with, he can mess with your blogger and hide things from you.

    Your daughter started her own blog, Cathy. It's here:

  8. The reason hand held tasers don't work is because you have to get close to slender man to use them. When I tried to use one he sent flying across my dinning room through the table and broke my ribs. Now I've got one of the shot gun taser things that police use so next time I see him I can shock him with out getting my ribs broken again or worse.

    Good Girl said...
    my name is cynthia dumb ava. not /cyndia/. you should be flattered. He's letting me decide which ones i want dead. c:

    i'm doing this to follow Mommy so i'm with her wherever she goes.
    January 29, 2011 1:37 PM

    Your daughter is following you and commenting, but it appears slenderman is blocking you from viewing her comments.

  9. How she commenting? I don't see anything- and the blog...there's nothing, it's just a blank page! What the hell is going on - oh god, is she okay?

    I...can't see anything. Dammit there's blank space right below Good Girl said and above January 29th! Why won't he let me see her? I just want to talk to my baby girl- oh god now I'm crying shit fuck I hate this goddamn monster

  10. HA! Well, I've never been very good with names.

    Hmm, are you attempting to threaten me? I'm sorry /Cynthia/ but I'm very lack-a-dasical about my life and he already wants me dead for other things.

    Like blowing off his arms for instance.

    Are they back yet? I've never really checked.

  11. silly ava, i don't threaten! that's mean! i'm just telling you what He told me! c:

    you never blew them off in the first place. you just made Him angry.

    poor Mommy is crying now- you all are so mean to Her! why can't you just leave Her alone? >:C

  12. @Good Girl, We're trying to help her. You, on the other hand, are scaring her.

    @Cathy, Cynthia said the dead person-the one with the x for the face- in the third picture isn't Rachel. Is there anyone else it could be?

  13. I wish I could see what she's saying- is she okay?

    The words aren't missing- thank God! Okay, second, I don't know who that could be. I thought it was Rachel...

  14. You have to think. Is there anyone, anyone at all, who's been getting involved with you and your daughter, even a little? Anyone that that tall thing would want dead.

  15. There's just been her and I for as long as I can remember! Rachel was the only other person she really seemed to talk to.

  16. @Good Girl He is dead meat.

    He killed Johnathan. My friend. I don't care about you or your mum stopping me. I will end him.

    - The Great White North's Favourite Slendervictim, Liam.

  17. I think the first page is the key. Cynthia's blog eleventh hour...the eleven the only thing in the corner that's not a random line...check that page for more, something that may be hidden in the picture or something.