Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tapes.

They reviewed the tapes. The police, I mean. Apparently everything looks normal, they even see Cynthia leave her classroom and head to her locker to put her backpack inside. She...turns and smiles at the camera like she knew where it was and holds out her hand. They noticed that there's this shadow that emerges when she does this and then the tape just goes crazy for two whole minutes. Every single camera in the school broke. The office ladies don't remember who came to pick Cynthia up, and her teacher said that they called her to come to the front desk to check out. They didn't even remember her leaving.

It gets worse. Apparently while they watched this tape, the television it was played on made these horrible noises, even though there's no audio on security cameras. At the end of the tape, it flickers just enough to show her opening the back doors that lead to the playground and then the television broke. When they managed to get the tape out, the footage was apparently wiped clean- when they reviewed it again, the distortion didn't even play. It just ends right as the shadow starts to appear.

I think...I'm going crazy.

I took Cynthia to the doctor's and she acted fine. When the man asked how she had injured herself, she said her finger slipped while she was washing dishes. I couldn't tell him otherwise. When I tried, the words caught in my throat. She even joked about how clumsy she was. She didn't need stitches, luckily, it just needed to be cleaned and she got a batman bandaid for her trouble.

She's watching television again. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight. I tried calling the neighbors. No one picked up. I feel so alone right now. I wish my husband was still alive so that I could have someone to help me through this.

And this is going to sound crazy but I think that

I'm going to watch a movie with Cynthia now. She's calling for me. She says she wants to talk to you all. Okay.



  1. Be careful, Catherine. She's going to try and harm you. He wants her to harm you.

    Be safe. -

    That one Guy, Liam.

  2. He is coming soon, and your neighbors might all ready be dead you need to get out! RUN!!!!


    I know it's hard to understand and I know it's hard to accept, bit if you don't start Running and following M's advice, you and/or your daughter are going to end up dead.

    The Scientist

  4. i don't know why you people seem to think that He and i wanna hurt Mommy. but you act like your words can "save" Her. you think you can? no one can help Her except for He and i.

    i see three little piggies running and running and running and watch out cause He's coming to getcha.

    why do you care? let's see you try and stop this. let's see you do something with your life. let's see you fail to "help" Mommy, just drive Her crazy.

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe you people aren't very smart, are you?