Friday, January 28, 2011

What I've gathered so far.

The symbol, the x in the circle, it was the same thing that Cynthia carved into her arm yesterday. But I'm confused, does it hurt him or draw him closer? I'm not sure what to think anymore. (And, ironically, I looked at my user picture I had before and it had the exact same damn symbol. On pies no less. It's deleted now, but I can't believe I was using that.)

Ava, I checked out the blogs on that TV Tropes page and looked at them. I...Cynthia had posted on The Tutorial. I never even knew. She went to a stranger for help instead of me. I must be a really bad mother if she thought she needed to go to someone else.

Enough moping around. Sorry you guys, it's just hard to stay optimistic in this situation. The police called back and they haven't found anything. My neighbors are still going back and forth between houses or keeping their windows wide open. I've long since pulled the shades, but every once and a while I peek outside to take a look at what's happening. They're watching me, I think. This doesn't make sense, because in all the accounts I read today, there's maybe one or two people who might follow a victim. Not a whole neighborhood (albeit a small one, but a neighborhood nonetheless). I haven't seen even a glimpse of him ever since the dream, so I guess that's a good sign.

I know I'm in danger. Apparently staying in place is the wrong thing to do. But she might come back and I need to be here if she does. I'm only going to run if I absolutely have to, which means nothing short than being attacked by these..."proxies".

And before anyone decides to tell me I'm being stupid, I do have ways to defend myself. I may be a thirty five year old mom, but hell if I don't know how to swing a baseball bat or cut quickly and efficiently with a knife. I don't want to have to resort to violence, but I'm not going to let myself get taken, or whatever it was that Cynthia was saying would happen.

I have to wonder why it is he's so interested in Cynthia and I. Apparently some of these people saw this monster when they were younger, and Cynthia never even mentioned any kind of imaginary friend or something of the like when she was a little girl. It seems odd that he would suddenly come for her now, when she wasn't even aware of him before. Hell, I didn't even know about him until now...

I guess that's it for now. Does anyone have any advice for how to handle him if he does come around tonight?



  1. Hmm, it's generally best not to bother with doing anything actively Operator Symbol-y, it's far too unstable in it's reactions.

    I know she posted there, that's how I (and several others) found this page. To keep tabs at first, but then she started with the cryptic clues that only other Slenderstalked would get...

    It's nothing to be ashamed of, she didn't want to worry you, if anything that proves that she is still herself in that sense.

    I would not have expected you to be optimistic, I doubt anyone would.

    Oh yes, because we're ALL such martial arts experts here. I think most of us can't defend ourselves physically for shite. But, bats tend to work on those Proxied.

    .....Hmmmmnnn....I wish I was there to test them....

    How he chooses victims is astoundingly all over the place. No-one really can tell a definitative reason why....

    It's hard to say really. He's so damn adaptable, we just don't know. My Electrogate exploded his arms that time, but who knows what may happen the next?

    The most I can say is he is more likely to send Proxies/Hallowed/Agents (and if you're a person of high interest) Revenants.

    Proxies/Hallowed/Agents, well, let's just say they have all the mortality of humans NOT possesed/controlled/working for Slendershit. Revenants can be killed by using their own super sense against them (or by electrocution.)

    I doubt you'll get a Revenant though (I hope.) Just swing for the head, stab for the heart and kick for the groin.

  2. Just remain calm. See what happens if you look directly at Him, and if He appears to have tentacles, or tendrils, or whatever you would call them, it is the WORST time to be near Him and best to run. If He is peaceful and he is near you, ignore Him, don't be afraid, and attacking won't help but it may surprise Him.

  3. I guess I'll leave that area alone then. I can't help but wonder if Cynthia enabled him to take her away by doing that to herself though...

    Maybe someone around this group does know martial arts and can teach us all so that we can combat the minions with fists of fury. Hopefully I won't have to take a bat to a neighbors face because that would probably look bad and I'm already so involved with the police.

    I'll try not to ever have to confront him, but if I do he's getting an earful of cussing and worried mother ranting.

    Wait, so what's a Revenant? I wasn't aware that there was anything besides Hallowed out people. Are they stronger somehow?

    Hime- I'm remaining calm at the moment. I actually haven't been this level-headed in a long time, which is surprising considering the circumstances.

    I don't plan on combating this thing. If no one else has been able to fight him successfully, something tells me neither will I. Thank you for the advice though.

  4. Uhm.

    Yeah. uhm.

    Revenants are Superhuman (near)immortals. They don't age, they heal superfast they can throw you into the side of a building so hard the bricks crack.

    I'm travelling with one, but he's the only one who's defected.

  5. That's...I would say impossible, but considering the past week, I'll say "very troublesome and worrying". They don't attack everyone do they?

    You don't think he would...well, do that to Cynthia, do you? Or is that even possible?

  6. I don't think so, but I don't have much experience with Revenants...or much expierence at all for that matter.

    Oh, and you'll need a weapon. I know you might not like violence, but you need to be prepared if proxies attack. Have a weapon and an escape route ready at all times.

  7. Tasers are wonderful. Just letting you know in case SM shows up and acts violent. Electricity is the one thing we know will harm him.

  8. But NOT Handheld Tazers. They do NOT work against Slendershite.

    (Will of course already found this out the HARD way, honestly, Will, you nearly die again and I actually /shall/ kill you.)

    No. I doubt it, it's a long painful process that involves a lot of Body Horror in Slender's Other World.

    And she's a tiny child, I doubt her body'd be able to take that kind of trauma and Slendershite does like to keep his elite task force.....well..../alive/.

    Noooooo, so far only a few of us that really, really, REALLY piss of Slendershite get those lovely visitors. For instance, Reach and I were ambushed yesterday. Zero got one, uhm....I can't thnik of any more off the top of my head just yet....

    How is the situation currently?

  9. To Kaiju- I have all kinds of things I can use nearby. I only have to choose now. I will fight if I ever am placed in such a position that I'll die if I don't because I don't plan on going out that easily.

    To Will- I'll try and get a tazer soon then. I need to go out shopping sometime this weekend for groceries anyway...

    To Ava- Oh? Why don't they?

    That's good to know. I don't want him doing anything to her that's worse than he's already done. As it is...well, things are going to be difficult. And I'll try not to piss him off too badly, but I can't guarantee anything. Although, I suppose everyone is at risk of this. But then again I doubt he'll need to use any super powered human since he's got Cynthia...

    I looked around Cynthia's room last night to see if she left anything that could possibly be a clue as to why she left with it and where they went. Being extremely careful and slowly working my way around it payed off. There was a loose floorboard- I think she may have pried it up or something- and she had hid a diary in the small space. There are pictures and things scares me.

    And I need to find out if Rachel is okay because the last entry she wrote in this, well, it doesn't bode well. I'll try to post pictures soon...