Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They found her.

Oh god they found her thank you god thank you thank you thank you

I'm going to try and make this quick. The police found her sitting in the park and swinging on one of the swings. Apparently she was singing rock-a-bye-baby or something similar and acting as though she hadn't been missing for several hours. When they tried to ask her where the man was that took her she didn't answer. Just laughed. But they brought my baby home and she's okay.

I was...I had looked around the entire neighborhood because it's so small, lapped it twice in fact. And when I circled back to my house again I just...broke. Started to cry like a baby on my front lawn in the dark, curled up into a ball and pleaded to the Lord to bring her back. What I was feeling was something along the lines of my whole world falling apart. My daughter, my little girl, my flesh and blood, had been taken by a stranger for several hours. That that CREEP might have hurt her- hell, we don't know yet if everything is alright because she won't answer any questions about what happened during that time.

When they brought her back she began to cry too, fell into my arms and wailed about how I couldn't come with her now and she wished that we could go as a family, that it wasn't fair.

I know I should be happy that she's back, and I am. I feel exhausted, I need to go curl up on the sofa with her, make her favorite food and watch a movie. But she's acting so odd. After the police left (promising to come back tomorrow and see if she was feeling better enough to talk) she just went up to her room. She left the door open, but still...

I don't know. Maybe I'm just paranoid. She's actually calling for me right now, so I have to go.

Thank you to those of you who posted, I'll try and reply later tonight. It's nice to see people banding together when someone is in trouble, and it touches my heart, I promise.



  1. Don't let her out of your sight. Not even for a moment. He will come back. He always does. The police wont be able stop him. He is not natural a true demon. You need to prepare.

  2. Wait, what are you talking about? Have you seen this man before because if you have you should notify the police right now, please! I'm making sure she's still in her room, trust me, no one is getting in without me knowing.

  3. There is nothing they can do. Slender man is not human. It merely looks like a man. It is a being straight out of your worst nightmare and is as old or older than Methuselah. I don't wanna hear about how you don't believe that's possible or whatever. . . It is and if you don't come to terms with that and fast you are going to regret it. Denying it's existence and pretending it's not real only gets people killed. The best thing you can do is to take your daughter and run. Don't stop running. Don't go back. I'm going to link you a survival guide that should come in handy. http://getuphigh.blogspot.com/
    He is one of us who has survived this thing the longest follow his rules and you two should be safe. Good luck and stay safe.

  4. And if you still don't trust me ask your daughter about the tall scary man dressed in a suit with no face. Watch her reaction that should tell you how real this thing is.

  5. Yeah, I kinda asked people to help you. I'd trust Will actually, he's on my wavelength most of the time.

    We aren't trying to trick you.

    We are actually compassionate people.

    We are actually trying to help.

    Your daughter is in danger.

    You are in danger.

    I'm sorry. But you're going to have to Run. The only reason my Mother and I aren't Running is because we're already dying and my guess is that that isn't the case with you and yours.

    I'm sorry.

    The Scientist

  6. To Ava- I'm answering both of your posts in this response. Your full name is very beautiful, and I'm glad you still use it. Though, I'm not quite sure who would think you'd be ashamed of it.

    The film is being reviewed today and we'll know by tonight who took her, so I'll update everyone again whenever I find out.

    When I understand? I don't really get- never-mind. Haha, I think I have a bad habit of cutting myself off when I speak. Have you people met this crazy man before? I'm begging you to report it if you have. Anything you know would help, it might make him leave Cynthia alone!

    To Ava and Will: And I-I'm confused right now. You people are trying to tell me this, "Slenderman" thing is the cause of my daughter's distress? It's some kind of an urban legend, isn't it? You said to look up the mythos, that means it's not real. What we have is a flesh and blood kidnapper still walking the streets and I want him caught, not some made up alien thing!

    I checked that website- you people really do believe this, don't you? This is insane, this is not one of your games that kids play these days on the internet. I appreciate the help, and I would love to continue to receive help, but what you're asking me to believe is too far fetched. I don't- I can't talk about this right now. My head hurts and I need to take some Tylenol.

    And as for asking Cynthia, she won't answer any questions, so I highly doubt she'll start talking now.

    I'm not going to run from this man. He took my daughter from me and I will see him caught and jailed for the rest of his life. He will not touch her again.