Friday, January 21, 2011

Poor Animals

Something has been going around and killing animals.

I don't know who would do something like this, but so far three pets have been murdered in their backyards. It's...horrible. The poor things were ripped to shreds. Police are on the lookout, but right now the biggest thought is that there's some kind of a bear or something similar hunting around the area. It's scary, but we'll be okay. People are making the necessary precautions to ensure that they're safe.

Still haven't heard back. By this point I'm assuming they (meaning the jobs I applied to) have forgotten I even exist, so that means I need to start looking again.

Sorry to be so negative right now you guys, because life really isn't that bad, but things have been sort of building up, I suppose. Just little things that roll together to make one big stress ball, haha...

I'm not sure if anyone will answer, but I'm going to put this question out there anyway. What do you do when you're feeling like thw whole world is out to get you and you can't do anything right?

Sorry for being so depressing. It really is out of character for me, but I don't want to stress Cynthia out because she's finally looking happy.


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