Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello there!

Nice to meet you all (though I doubt that anyone is reading this...and maybe no one ever will.). I suppose this is where I say that my daughter showed me the wonders of the internet and made me make this blog. But honestly, I have kept up with the times and know enough to make an online diary! And it feels nice to have somewhere to come and rant to/talk about my day.
Now, a little about name is Cathy Delmont, and I love to bake (I honestly wish that I could work for a bakery or some sort of restaurant). I'm currently searching for a job. I'm crossing my fingers that one of the places that I sent applications out to will respond positively, but not many are willing to take a woman who doesn't exactly have a nice resume. Well, whatever the case, I have enough money saved up to last for a little while at least.
Anyway, I am a single mother living with my daughter, Cynthia, and am proud to say that we're very close because of this. I don't know what would happen if she wasn't with me.

Wow, reading back over this post is quite depressing- I'll try to be a little more cheerful next time!

Oops, the oven timer just went off, time for me to end this first post and finish preparing dinner. And for those of you who say that a thirty something year old woman is too old for the internet, I beg to differ! No matter how old you get, you always need an outlet, somewhere to unload so that you can keep real life together.

Until tomorrow!

- Cathy

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