Friday, January 14, 2011

The life of a mother

I've been up since around six thirty, making sure that Cynthia is awake, has everything together for school, that's she's eaten at least a small breakfast, and then that she makes it onto the bus. I'm not sure if every parent does this, but she's still in middle school and so (I like to think) isn't that independent yet.

Anyway, because I've been up for so long simply cleaning the house and running out to get groceries (my one exercise method that I'll ever need), my day has been clearing up to be fantastically open for the rest of the evening. Of course I'll still have to cook dinner...but then maybe I'll order take out because I'm just really not looking forward to making a pot roast for several hours. I'm sure Cynthia wouldn't mind- she enjoys pizza- and I could bake some cookies instead.

Oops, sorry for rambling. As you can see, my life isn't very exciting so there isn't that much to talk about.

Which reminds me- ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted something to happen, you know? Something that would burst into my life and change it, allow me to go on fantastic adventures, I suppose. I don't's a childhood fantasy that I've always kept with me. My mom used to complain that I lived in my daydreams too much, playing more with my imaginary friend than actual people. I guess that that's still somewhat true. If I wanted to, I sometimes think that I should pursue the life of an artist, but then again I can't draw.

Let me tell you, kiddies, life doesn't get any easier as you get older. It stays harsh and hard to handle, but there will be things to help you move along and survive. You'll look back on your younger years and wonder what the hell you were thinking, and wishing that you had done more. It sounds depressing, but then the best thing to remember in that moment is that there's still so much you can do and to look forward instead of back. You can't change the past, trust me. I had to learn that the hard way.

God, I really am depressing sounding, aren't I?

Haha, well, how's about I conclude this mini-rant/summary of how I feel with a favorite recipe of mine- how to make a treacle tart!

....Actually, scratch that, the how-to is rather long so instead I'll link you guys, okay? (Haha, simply talking to my imaginary friend again, aren't I?) If you don't know what a treacle tart is, my user picture (hopefully it's working) shows a few of them in the making!

Anyway, here's the recipe.


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