Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not much to say

Today went well. I slept fine and the normal routine went without any disruptions. Cynthia told me that she's been avoiding Rachel, so that's a definite plus as well. Not to be rude to the girl, but, well, you already know my feelings on this subject. I was busy today though, a couple of the places I applied to responded and there were no openings. This means I only have a few left that could possibly take me, which is a tad daunting, but hopefully it'll work out. My fingers are crossed!

While we wait, how about another recipe? (This one is rather long so I'll link it this time.)

Stuffed Chicken Divan

Looks rather good, doesn't it? I plan on making this soon.

Well, anyway, I'm off for now. More tomorrow!

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