Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When I was a kid

Oh my, I have a follower! Amazing, I'm not simply talking to air anymore! Nice to meet you, Chase! I'll try not to sound as boring as I have been lately, haha.

Switching topics, I wanted to mention that I've been thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I've been too hard on Cynthia and Rachel. I was reminiscing, and while I can't remember most of my childhood, I can remember how I was when I was a teenager. I was influenced by all sorts of "bad kids" and did some things that I'm not proud of.

I remember this one time that my friends and I got, well, drunk pretty bad one night (and of course we were underage and also couldn't hold our alcohol at all). One of my friend's suggested truth or dare and everyone had been more or less up for dares at this point. When it got to me, they told me to sneak into this abandoned house that was only a car ride away. Of course I told them I wasn't going to go alone- I was the baby of the group, I guess you could say and this building was in the middle of the woods- so they agreed to go with me. The house was where a kindly old man had lived before he had been murdered in his room. No one went near that place because it was rumored to be haunted.

Well, when we arrived, we began to spray paint the inside, coating the walls with alcohol-induced pictures and giggling like school girls the whole time. I suppose we thought we were the baddest, most dangerous people alive at that moment. Of course it wasn't true, and as soon as we began to hear "odd noises" (AKA- animals, the wind blowing through the trees, and old wood creaking) we high tailed it out of there. We were so stupid that night, I'm almost disappointed the police never found out who did it.

The point of this is that Cynthia is sort of like me when I was younger. I was also very shy and did whatever I could to gain friends. I know she just wants people to accept her, and I've been where she is now. I just don't want her to make the same mistakes I did, because trust me, I made a lot of them. Does it make me a bad mom to push so hard on her? I can see Rachel making her do things she doesn't really want to do, which reminds me of my old friends (whom I haven't heard from in a while). But I think Cynthia has been getting better, and I don't think there was ever really much of a problem in the first place. Just two pre-teen girls hanging out and trying to enjoy life, with an overly paranoid mother analyzing every move too hard.

Changing subjects again because this post is starting to become rather depressing. You can look back at how stupid I was and laugh though! I tend to do the same thing, haha.

Oh yes, I have another recipe! This one is also complex, but I have faith that anyone can make this if they try! After all, soup isn't that hard to prepare.

Minestrone Soup

I do love a nice, hearty bowl of soup on cool winter days.

More soon,

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