Saturday, January 22, 2011

That girl...

Before I start let me just say: wow! I have two followers now! Nice to meet you, erm, xnoameix. Hope we get along and hope I can keep this blog from being boring.

Now back the reason for my title. As all of you (all two and whomever may be peeking in) know, Cynthia logged onto my account last night and posted a message after I went to bed. I would be upset, but it doesn't really matter to me. Because of that, I don't think I'm going to change the password. It might even be good for her to log onto this account and rant about the day- it sure makes me feel better to get everything out, and as a teenager I remember life seemed unbearable most of the time. Cynthia is a nice girl, so I think you'll like her.

Well, an update on the animal killer. The police found some kind of big cat roaming through the streets and managed to capture it, and are planning to release it back into the wild. The beast probably accidentally wandered into society and lashed out at anything that scared it (the pets). I'm not quite sure if I feel bad for it, because it did kill three dogs, but at the same time if I was in that situation (and only ran on primal instinct) I'm guessing I would react about the same way. Hopefully there won't be any more problems in this area for a while. The only big crime that's being researched as of now is the disappearances, which I think I mentioned in an earlier post. Some kids- ages ranging from child to older teen- have gone missing. Every time they were last seen in an area where family and at the very least people were, which makes this even more frightening. Cynthia and I have both agreed to lie low and not go anywhere alone, and I've been driving her to and from school for the last couple days.

I just don't get why someone would aim to take children, and what they're doing with them. Police are searching, but for most of them it's been several days, if not weeks since they've vanished.

I wish I could think of something happier to talk about on this blog, it seems that all I do is ramble about how gloomy our city is. Let me think if I have anything more cheerful to say...

Oh! One of the jobs I applied to called back yesterday! They said that there was almost a guarantee of me nabbing a spot on their staff! I'm so happy! Cynthia and I celebrated by driving out to Olive Garden and eating some expensive but delicious noodles and bread sticks. I was so full and in such a good mood I ended up going to bed earlier than usual (hence why Cynthia managed to get on my blog without me knowing).

So I guess the long version short of this post is that even though the city is in a state of chaos, things are starting to look up for Cynthia and I. It's weird because I'm happy and worried at the same time. But, I suppose that's life, isn't it?

Another post soon,


  1. It's nice to meet you too.

    Sorry, I show up under the name of an ancient email I use for his xD

    It's nice to read about you and your daughter being so close. It's a sweet, heartwarming little story. =) I feel kinda bad for the Rachel girl, though it's probably better your daughter learned to stay away on her own.

    Anyway, have a nice day~

  2. Oh, hello there, Sammie!

    It's fine. I simply named mine after myself so I suppose I have no room to talk, haha!

    Thank you! We've gone through a lot more than the average family, so I think that brought us closer together in the end. As for Rachel, I do feel bad for her. I've been tempted to talk to her parents about the odd way she acts, but it's not really my place, I think.

    You too!