Sunday, January 16, 2011

I think everything is okay right now.

Cynthia and I had a sort of argument last night over (you guessed it) Rachel. It involved my daughter losing her temper for the first time in a while, and storming up to her bedroom. The rest of the night was spent alone.

But it seems she's fine this morning. I talked to her when she finally came out of her room and she apologized for yelling at me. She said that she's simply been under a lot of pressure these days. When I asked her what she meant (because school can be very frustrating a good portion of the time and I thought that maybe she'd been dropping behind in a class and not told me) she replied that she was figuring out what to do. So I suppose she might of worked out a solution to either a school-related issue or the Rachel problem. Maybe she'll ask the girl the behave a little bit more nicely?

Well, whatever the case, we had breakfast together, which was pizza that we never ate last night. It feels nice to have her talking to me again and I hope we never fight that hard for a long time. I don't like losing my temper with my child.

I am a bit worried though. I'm not sure if Cynthia slept last night- she's acting like she never went to bed and the bags under her eyes are darker than normal. Perhaps the fight bothered her more than I thought?

Hoping for the best,

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